We hope you and yours have made it safe so far in this weather. Road travel is not recommended.


As of 7:45 am, all Lee County Schools are closed to students and staff. For more information, visit the Lee County Schools website.



  • 280 Westbound and Eastbound are both closed throughout Lee County
  • Webster Road at the Train Tracks
  • North College (147) from the Train Tracks to Shug Jordan (267)
  • Dean Road
  • South Donahue in and around the Auburn University Campus
  • Highway 14 in the City of Auburn’s jurisdiction

This is the official list of road closures from the Lee County Emergency Management Agency as of 8:00am Wednesday Morning. Just because a road is not officially ‘closed’ does NOT mean it is safe to travel. For more information (including additional updates), please visit the Lee County Emergency Management Agency’s website.



Roads throughout Lee County are reported to have black ice so please avoid driving as much as possible. If you must travel this morning, please read:

Weather.com’s Snow & Ice Safe-Driving Tips

Here is a step-by-step guide for what to do if you encounter black ice:

14 Steps to Help You Drive Safer on Black Ice

We ask you to please remember that Black Ice is regular ice that is very difficult to see. There is no guaranteed safe way to drive on it. Because of this danger, please only drive if absolutely necessary and only drive on well-traveled, flat roads. 


Please contact the Lee County EMA if you have any questions or concerns at (334) 749 – 8161.


The men and women of the Lee County Firefighters Association hope you and your families had a safe any happy holiday season. We hope you didn’t need our services, but we will always be ready to respond when needed.

To help keep you and your family safe, here’s some Winter Safety Tips, brought to you by the United States Fire Administration:

Visit the United States Fire Administration page for Winter Safety Tips.

Remember: in any emergency, dial 911.